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Proxmox Backup Server

Open-Source Enterprise Backup Solution

Proxmox Backup Server (beta) - DashboardProxmox Backup Server is an enterprise backup solution, for backing up and restoring VMs, containers, and physical hosts. By supporting incremental, fully deduplicated backups, Proxmox Backup Server significantly reduces network load and saves valuable storage space. With strong encryption and methods of ensuring data integrity, you can feel safe when backing up data, even to targets which are not fully trusted.

In modern datacenters, the primary focus is on minimizing downtime and keeping data safe. For this reason, reliable backup software is among the most essential infrastructure components that you can invest in. To increase productivity, the easy-to-use Proxmox Backup Server lets you back up your data in a space-efficient manner, restore it in a flash, and effectively reduce work hours thanks to simplified management with a web-based user interface.

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